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Greek Orthodox Youth Association

GOYA is a ministry of our Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church, Virginia. Belonging to GOYA ministry depends solely on being an Orthodox Christian. We are expected to integrate the following elements into all aspects of our programming: worship, fellowship, service and witness. We hope to make our group an exceptional program which will keep these four elements not as four separate entities, but as four interlocking circles that overlap and build on each other.

GOYA holds a mandatory meeting once a month to discuss topics to strengthen our youth's spirituality and plan events to benefit both our parish as well as its community. This year, GOYA's mission is to serve our Lord, to increase their fundraising events to contribute to the church Building Fund as well as reaching out to help their church community. It is clear in our youth's mind that they wish to secure a home for their future church sooner than later. Let's all work together toward that common goal!

GOYA brings speakers throughout the year such as Dr. George Banks, a parishioner and a Professor at George Mason University, who spoke to our goyans about the connection between faith and science as a foundation for leadership. Also our youth hears from former GOYA members about their college experiences in and out of State. Of course, Fr. George is also our guest speaker at least twice or three times a year when he answers any questions GOYAns might have in their minds.

The Goyans attend demonstrations of Prosfora Making by expert parishioners. We hope to keep this tradition so that our youth will learn and take on the responsibility of making Prosfora for their parish.

Every year, the GOYAns organize a Fall Fundraiser to donate to the Church Building Fund. This year our youth managed "Baby Bottle Drive" Fundraiser and collected $477.00. GOYA was able to find a donor from another State to match the fund and a parishioner donated the difference to sum to $1,000. The total was donated to the Church Building Fund. Other Fundraising events include a Winter Fundraiser to sell handmade icons by goyans and Christmas Ornaments from Heritage Ornaments. GOYA was able to donate $269 to the Church Building Fund. Another fundraiser event is the IOCC Super Bowl of Caring where GOYA raffles four baskets with different themes: Spiritual, Greek, Russian and Italian. Half of the proceeds go to the Church Building Fund and the other half will go to the IOCC. During spring, GOYAns prepare for a Bake Sale Fundraiser event and half of the proceeds go to Agia Skepi in Pennsylvania.

It is GOYA's hope to continue working together with other ministries of our church on special outreach programs as this year. Our youth co-sponsored a Food Drive Fundraiser with Philoptochos and the collection was donated to our local Loudoun Interfaith before Thanksgiving. The GOYAns are responsible to decorating our Parish for each Christmas and each year they place a wish list on the Christmas tree to be donated such as winter gloves, hats, scarves and socks. The items are collected and donated every year to local shelter in need.

GOYA holds an Annual Talent Show to honor Yiayias and Pappous of our Parish and serves a Lenten luncheon. This is all donated and prepared by the GOYA Parents Chefs and GOYAns the Servers. The GOYAns put together an amazing show with talents that can be either playing a musical instrument, singing, presenting a report on an Orthodox Saint, displaying art work, playing a spiritual game and so forth.

The GOYAns participate in the Oratorical Festival every year where they have quite successful as one of them made all the way to State level last year. During Lent period, the GOYAns organize trip to Agia Skepi in Pennsylvania for a Lenten Retreat and during the summer, they attend a one week camp at St. Tikhon's Monastery in Pennsylvania.

Last but not least, the GOYAns are involved other internal activities and help their parish with Spring cleaning of our Parish in preparation for Easter, Palms Folding, Decorating the Tomb and Reading prayers during the Friday Salutation Services, and prepare Mother's and Father's Day Favors of our Parish.

For more information, please contact our Advisors
Lillian Funk - lilyfunk@hotmail.com, Home#703-754-2083, Mobile#703-408-0716
Sofia Kouiroukids- kkouirouk@gmail.com, Home #571-252-8172, Mobile#781-572-2114

GOYA BOARD for 2017 - 2018

Presidents: Lizzie Emch & Luke Kendrat
Vice President: Christina Kendrat
Secretariy: Alexandros Kouiroukidis
Treasurer - Paris Economou 
Historian: Millie Morris
Public Relations: Maria Mantalvanos