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Greek Language School Registration has Begun!   

The Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is offering Greek Afternoon classes for children and adults starting at the age of 4. Registrations are being accepted for classes that will begin October 2015. All children, regardless of their exposure to the language, are welcome. The tuition for Parish stewards is $350 for the first child and $300 for each additional child. Non-stewards tuition is $550 for each child; include an additional $ 50 Book fee, if child does NOT have the books from the previous year. Please email the Greek School Director, Vasilia Ravaris, with any questions; vasilia@live.com .

Checks and registration forms can be mailed to the church; Attention: Vasilia Ravaris, Greek School Director or given to her or to a parish council member directly on Sundays. There is also an envelope marked Completed Forms which is on the Greek School Board where Fellowship Hour is held. The Greek Orthodox Parish also encourages adults who want to learn Greek or want to refresh their knowledge of the language to enroll in the Adult Language class.


Welcome Letter 

2015 - 2016  Registration Form 

2014 - 2015 Greek School Calendar 

Greek School Policies and Procedures


About the Greek School Teachers

The Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is very fortunate to have secured two experienced and talented Greek Language school teachers for these classes.  They are:

  • Anthanasia Dacey has studied Greek through High School and graduated from a private Greek School Kondomikhalios Skholh.  She attended the University of Athens and has taught Greek Language School in Manassas for nine years called H Gennhsh tou Kyriou.
  • Vasilia Ravaris was born and raised in Greece before moving to New York. Greek is her 1st language. She attended Greek School at St. Nicholas in Flushing, NY and graduated with honors. Vasilia graduated from Wood College in New York with a 4.0 GPA in Business. In addition, she has certificates in Child Psychology and in Accounting as well as a certificate to teach English as a 2nd language from Michigan University. She worked for a total of 15 years for CitiGroup; 8 years in New York City as a Finance Manager and an additional 7 in Boston with Brokers. She volunteered at St. Basil Academy in Upstate New York. She has taught Catechetical school at St. Nicholas, NY, at Holy Trinity in MA and currently at our Parish. She currently teaches and tutors Greek in private lessons.