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picturegallery22402.tmp/Parea.jpg"Our Company of Friends"

1st Tuesday of every month
All members of our Community are invited to participate in and enjoy a regular luncheon gathering at a restaurant of our choice,
a short distance from our Church!  
We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and, as a Christian family, we enjoy getting together for Fellowship, Conversation,  and Friendship!  
PAREA participates with other Ministries in creating  "platters with goodies" for our senior parishioners for Christmas as a humble gesture of appreciation.  
PAREA organizes a bake sale, once a year, in order to distribute the funds to needy people in Greece or in the States.  
Lastly, PAREA organizes and provides the coffee hour at our Church during the month of February.

Please, come and join PAREA!  It will be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and other parishioners, as well as to get to know newcomers to our Church.  
Each of us will be responsible for paying for our own meal, but there are no membership dues required to participate in the group.
Give Marina  a call so we can have an idea of how many of you will be joining us!

We would love to see you there!

PAREA Chair:  Marina Blair (703‐349‐1842)
Honorary PAREA  Chair:  Presvytera Joanna (571‐379‐6681)
PAREA Vice Chair: Kristina Ayoub (703‐627‐0792) 

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